Skype Piano Lessons


If you would like to learn to play the Piano in a mindful and creative way, but you are not local to York or you find travelling to lessons difficult, then my Skype Piano lessons would be perfect for you.

Skype lessons really are surprisingly easy to set up, and remarkably similar in experience to in-person lessons!  All you need is a laptop / tablet with Skype on it!

From beginner to advanced - young to old -

classical to modern - music readers to YouTube video copiers.  


Whatever your age, musical background and goals, if you want to learn to play the piano in a fun and mindful way, then my flexible and creative pupil-led teaching style will be perfect for you!

Lessons are completely tailored to your individual needs.   If you want to work towards ABRSM exams we can do that, or if you prefer to play freely and entirely for yourself then that is also most welcome. 

My goal is always just to help you to fall in love with the piano and see it as your friend.

For the young...

I use a combination of improvisation, musical games, and traditional book-reading to inspire and teach all the elements of music-reading, technique, and theory in a really fun and energetic way.

For the tweens and teens...

I encourage musical discovery and exploration using a mixture of repertoire chosen by me, and also by the pupil.  We continue to improvise and compose, and to expand upon the theoretical and academic side of the music we learn.  This is also the perfect time to focus on the concept of Mindful playing, and using the Piano for emotional expression.

For the adult beginner (and the rusty returning player!)...

I have tricks up my sleeve to help overcome the fear of the adult learner, including a repertoire of stunningly beautiful minimalist music that sits under the fingers so well it allows for Mindful playing right from the start.  Regular or adhoc lessons are both available.


For the advanced player...

Mastery of advanced techniques, stylistic interpretation, practice tricks, challenging repertoire and performance tools are all a must-have.  Again, regular or adhoc lessons are available.

To find out more about the Skype set-up, or to book some piano lessons, please contact me.