A few reviews...


Piano lessons:

We could not have wished for a better teacher than Kate.  My daughter began piano lessons when she was just six, and she fell in love with Kate immediately.  Kate's teaching style is playful, holistic, creative and she manages to see the unique personality of each student and work with that as her guide.  Kate is also flexible, accommodating and really wants to make the journey into musicianship work for each family, whatever it takes.

Annie Irvine, October 2020.


I have been having mindful piano lessons with Kate for ten months now.  I had never played the piano before, couldn't read music and had no natural musical ability.  However, I decided I wanted to learn something new...   I honestly can't put into words how much of a positive change this has had to my life.  Kate is not just an amazing teacher who is 100% pupil lead but she's also one of the nicest people to spend time with.  So far, I have loved every minute and have a growing skill that I'm really proud of.  It has helped me significantly with my confidence, given me an amazing tool to help manage my stress levels and taught me how to use music to nourish the soul.  I only with I'd found this earlier!

Holly (adult pupil), October 2020.


I can't recommend Kate highly enough; my piano lessons with her have become the highlight of my week!  Not only is she an incredibly talented musician but, through gentle coaxing, has made me feel like I'm one too!  I love her style and approach to teaching, and she's also great fun and excellent company.  If you're looking for a way to inject a bit of musical mindfulness into your life, look no further than Kate, you won't be disappointed!

Philippa Ward (adult pupil), October 2020

Kate is a beautiful person with a very special teaching talent. Our daughter Cala discovered piano or I'd say music through Kate's fun, creative and encouraging lessons and since then, she has become so passionate about her piano in a very natural and relaxed way. 
I would absolutely recommend - and I do all the time Cala has a wonderful and inspiring time learning, always with a smile; and I see how she then plays at home and still can't believe it.  Magic.

Rocio Garcia Uribe, September 2016

My 7 year old daughter has been having lessons with Kate for about 4 months now. Kate has a wonderful teaching style: flexible, engaging and child-led.  My daughter, who takes time to relax in unfamiliar environments, took to Kate instantly and looks forward to her lessons every week. There is no pressure towards exams, it’s all about fostering a love of music and playing. A treasure of a find as far as I’m concerned!
Adel Schofield, July 2018

My son absolutely loves his lessons with Kate - she has a really special way of teaching and he’s become so switched-on to music as a result. He returns from his class bubbling over with enthusiasm and his musical ability is growing ever stronger. We’re really grateful to Kate and would recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you! 
Nicky Kippax, September 2018

Every time I come to pick up Zoe my daughter have the biggest smile, she progressed so much at the piano and have gained so much confidence. She speaks so highly about Kate in every sense. It's 5 stars all the way. Many thanks to this wonderful teacher, the world need more of you. 
Mayumi Hatano, July 2016

Kate is an Amazing Teacher , my shy daughter absolutely loves her! 
Katie Lound, May 2015


Singing Fingers Group Classes

My children love their Friday class! Kate makes the classes really fun & the songs are different & unique to the usual (only so much of the wheels on the bus I can take) and interactive!  I find my children singing them around the house all the time too! 
I love how involved the residents are, its lovely to see them interact and the children bring them so much joy, it’s wonderful!

Katie Louise Wilkie, January 2019

A brilliant fun, entertaining and educational class for all ages. Kate’s energy and enthusiasm makes the class a brilliant musical experience for all!
Hema Gillings, January 2019

Kate has such great energy and the environment in the care home is so lovely. My boys are having so much fun and surprising me in how much they take in. We live in York and at first thought it was going to be too far but we've just started our second term. Absolutely worth it! And only 15 mins in car Xxx
Lauren Jordan, January 2019

My 2.5 year old loves this class, she engaged with it from the start. We haven’t been able to attend this term sadly but my daughter still sings the welcome and goodbye songs.  I loved the idea of this class being held in care homes, it’s fabulous for both young and old and would highly recommend it!  Hope to join you again soon Kate!
Dawn Bewick, January 2019

Singing Fingers in Ibiza was such a haven for me and my little girl. She started when she was about 14 months and absolutely loved it. As did I! My daughter knew all of Kate's songs and we'd sing them at home too - we really bonded over those. Kate also brought clever props to the class like her animal finger puppets where she'd explain the different story telling of music. And the kiddies loved it!! She's so full of enthusiasm and has an excellent way of giving the children (and adults!) a boost of confidence to join in. My daughter and I looked forward to our Singing Fingers class every week but we wish Kate and her classes the same fun with music in the UK xxx
Kate Starkey, July 2017