Singing Fingers Group Classes


Singing Fingers classes are fun, dynamic, multi-sensory music sessions for 1-4 year olds who are happy on their feet.

I have been teaching the piano for 20 years, and when I created these classes my main aim was to ignite young children’s passion for music by combining singing, dancing, percussion instruments, and the use of exciting props such as finger puppets and scarves, a huge lycra sheet, and of course the Piano.

Singing Fingers classes are also extra special because they're MULTIGENERATIONAL!


Held in care homes, we bring young and old together to create magical and memorable experiences for everyone involved.

“Singing Fingers was such a haven for me and my little girl. She started when she was about 14 months and absolutely loved it. As did I! My daughter knew all of Kate's songs and we'd sing them at home too - we really bonded over those.”

“Kate's so full of enthusiasm and has an excellent way of giving the children (and adults!) a boost of confidence to join in.”



Stamford Bridge
Fridays 10:30-11:30am during term-time.
Held in the Beaumont Carehome on Buttercrambe Road.

For more information or to book a place in this class, please contact me.