Singing Fingers Kate - 

The Mindful Pianist

The piano has always been my best friend, and now it is my passion to show others how we can use music to bring peace and tranquillity to our ever-increasingly 'noisy' lives.  

In the 20 years I have been teaching the Piano, I have realised that learning an instrument isn't just about playing the most complex piece our fingers will let us.  It isn't just about getting distinctions in exams or winning competitions...

Music can be an outlet for our emotions; it can be our coping mechanism, our expression, our relief, our 'space' away from the world.  Learning an instrument teaches us how to focus our brains, how to work through challenges, trust our bodies and free our minds.


Playing an instrument can bring us joy and happiness, but it also enables us to express our anger and sadness, and somehow magically converts it to calm.

I truly believe that we all need music in our lives, and research has shown that introducing little ones to music at an early age will benefit them in many ways; physically, emotionally and developmentally.  Music plays a really important role in preparing young brains for future learning.